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Aspire Insurance & Financial Joins Indiana Sports Corp in a Joint Charity Effort that will Raise Funds to Benefit Indianapolis Youth

Aspire Insurance & Financial, a family owned insurance provider with offices serving the greater Indianapolis area, is joining forces with the Indiana Sports Corp to launch a charity drive aimed at raising funds that will be used to provide sporting programs for local young people.

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Aspire Insurance & Financial, a locally owned insurance firm that provides coverage for hundreds of businesses and families throughout the Indianapolis area, is launching a cooperative charity drive in conjunction with local non-profit Indiana Sports Corp.

Indiana Sports Corp has been providing sporting programs and initiatives to young people in Indianapolis for a generation. Since 1979, the mission of the ISC has been to create a positive impact and encourage opportunities for young people in the Indianapolis community by hosting world-class sporting events that build civic pride, enhance vibrancy in the community, and drive both economic impact and positive media exposure. 

“This fundraising drive will ensure that the Indiana Sports Corp is fully able to continue their mission of helping our young build the strength and character they need to succeed in life,” explains Rob McBride, owner and manager of Aspire Insurance & Financial. 

In an effort to publicize the charity drive, McBride and his team are launching an online social media platform and sending out a targeting email awareness campaign to local community leaders. Aspire Insurance will also feature the charity drive in the upcoming edition of “Our Hometown,” a monthly community magazine hosted by Aspire and available here:

As well as assisting the Indiana Sports Corp in their mission to help Indianapolis teens, the Aspire Insurance & Financial team has dedicated themselves to a permanent community involvement program that will include working with a new Indiana-based charity every other month from here forward.

Those who want to help support the ISC during this charity drive are invited to visit the Aspire website and make a personal contribution to the cause from the following page: Those who wish to review a list of Indiana charities supported by the Aspire Insurance team are invited to their Community Causes page, located here:

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